6 Apr 2017

The Soul Blade Chapter 27 - Commentary

Brenna returned to her main task, in The Soul Blade Chapter 27.

Carly was a last minute addition while writing, but the scene she introduced was needed.  Brenna needed to show that she can do her job.  That job is helping ghosts move on.  This gave Brenna a needed win, even if she doesn't feel she was successful.  She also got to meet more of San Diego's paranormal community, such that it is.  Carly is there in part because I wanted to show that Brenna and her family aren't the only ones with abilities.  I'm not fond of the Chosen One.  While Brenna is a Chosen One, that only counts within her family.  The numbers just don't work out.  If threats like ghosts and demons exist, then one person just can't be everywhere.  However, the story is about Brenna, so the focus is on her, the Chosen One for the readers.

The scene with Carly also shows Brenna's approach to hunting ghosts, with the implication that her mother did things differently.  Brenna talks to the dead, and has had success in helping them.  While she has had to send two ghosts on in The Soul Blade, she's also not cutting them down for existing.  Bert mentioned that Brenna is the best Bladekeeper he's seen.  That comes down to Brenna wanting to help the best way she can and not just jumping to cutting ghosts down with the Soul Blade.

Tricia's goals came up as well.  She's walking a fine line between absolute power and eternal damnation.  Tricia's scene contrasts Brenna and Carly's.  Brenna wants to help others; Tricia wants to help herself to power.  Her drive for power means she wouldn't understand why Brenna would help others at all.

Grace is a tad anxious over graduation.  She's putting her nervous energy into cleaning, but she's going overboard.  The house will be immaculate, if only because she won't let anyone in after she's done.  Surfaces so spotless and shiny, Grace will have to wear sunglasses to avoid being blinded by the light's reflection.  The messages she left for Brenna reflect her state of mind.  The first was during her fit of cleaning.  The second was after Gary, who has been through several of Grace's cleaning fits before, laid down the law and got some reason through to her.

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