4 Sep 2014

By the Numbers Chapter 22 - Commentary

Welcome back.  As always, please read the chapter first.

The crew has the package and meets the Saeder-Krupp entourage for the hand-off.  Chapter 22 was the last chapter of the story, though there are some loose ends to wrap up.  Getting to the last chapter during NaNoWriMo is always a relief.  November requires a steady rate of output, at least 1667 words a day; more is ideal.  My personal goal was to average 2000 words a day.  At the end of writing, By the Numbers had 58 563 words as verified by the NaNo site.  A little under 2000 words a day and not quite at a decent number for publishing in print.  Thus, it's here instead of submitted to Catalyst.

Some translation, again.  The German was through Google Translate again.  For a proper publication, I'd get someone who spoke and, more importantly, wrote German fluently to smooth things out.  For the record, here's what Wulfe is saying while rudely speaking a language most of the crew can't: "I still object.  Miss Page is wanted for the destruction of corporate property.  I must take her in."  Fraulein Johnson, while not necessarily helping Numbers, sees Ms Evo as a more pressing matter.  Giving Numbers the one month headstart on running away, which was part of the payment worked out for the run, means that if Fraulein Johnson needs to hire the crew again, they're more likely to agree.  Having Wulfe interrogate Ms Evo keeps him busy.

As mentioned, I have loose ends despite wrapping up the main plot here.  The crew was never in a position to really discover the depth of the issue.  They were hired to protect the head of Federated-Boeing security, then to extract one part of the conspiracy to be given to Saeder-Krupp.  At no point were they able to investigate further, nor were they being paid to dig up dirt.  Thus, the need for an epilogue, but that's another chapter.

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