28 Nov 2013

Lethal Ladies #16 - Commentary

Please read the chapter first.  The commentary will make more sense that way.

Two scenes this time around.  The first is set at the ballpark, Rose demonstrates her experience.  She counted on the double-cross and Sexton didn't disappoint her.

If this feels like a set up for a climax, you're right.  The idea, as you're read over the next few weeks, was to have a car chase followed by a shoot out and then wrap up.  There's one tiny problem.  I hadn't reached 50 000 words yet.  I think at this point, I was about 20 000 words short of the goal.  Oops.  However, this was my first NaNoWriMo.  I was going from writing short fanfiction, no more than 5000 words, to a full-on novella ten times longer.  There were growing pains.

The use of the "Rogue" designation was, naturally, Amber's idea.  The number 7, though, was Rose's.  A full explanation will come out once the other Rogues appear.  I chose the Accord for the Ladies because it is, or, in 2006, was a common vehicle to see on the road.  The Taurus was popular with law enforcement as an alternative to the Crown Victoria, not to mention being featured in Robocop.  The different cars were meant to help in what's coming up, making it easy for readers to at least follow who was who by the pursuers.

Rose is using a twist on the classic con game, Three Card Monte.  The idea is that the mark will never pick the card he saw because it was already removed through misdirection.  Sexton saw the correct number of cars.  He didn't see the drivers.

Oh, three guesses who "Rogue Five" is.

Tomorrow, behind the scenes of Rose's Three Card Monte.
Saturday, at MuseHack I return to Lost in Translation.
Coming soon, the NaNoWriMo post-game analysis.

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