11 Oct 2013

Happy Anniversary!

It's been one year since the first post ever here.  I started the blog to see if I could do it.  After one hundred posts, I decided that I could.  The focus has drifted over the past twelve months.  At the beginning, I was working on figuring out what to write for NaNoWriMo 2012 while commenting on D&D Encounters.  Slowly, the blog became a place where I posted past works and wrote about writing.  I still have the occasional RPG post.

I'm still trying to find my own voice while writing, but the blog and Lost in Translation is helping.  I'm also establishing a division between personal works and more professional, which resulted in an analysis of DC Comics' missteps to go over to MuseHack instead of here.  Meanwhile, I'm having fun with annotating the bits of fiction I've put up here, and writing out the background for NaNoWriMo is far more useful than I'd ever thought it would be.

The future of the blog is the same as it was in July; keep posting serialized fiction on Friday, comment on the fiction the following Thursday, post gaming material as it comes up, and blog about NaNo.  If something comes up that doesn't quite fit on MuseHack but does here, I'll write about it.  I'll also try to get more pictures involved.  I haven't posted many, and all of them have been my own work.  I'm hoping to be able to get a picture of my characters for NaNo projects and for any RPG material I do.

Thanks for reading!

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