9 Jul 2013

100th Post Review!

Wow.  One hundred posts.  On a blog that I created to see if I could blog.  Apparently, I could.  This post is the 100th to appear.  The 100th scheduled is a Subject 13 issue.  Still, milestone.  Time to celebrate and figure out a direction.

The original idea behind the blog was to have a place to rant, a place to showcase writing ideas, discuss NaNoWriMo, and go on tangents that wouldn't quite fit over at Fan To Pro (now MuseHack).  I'd also include some thoughts on gaming and other hobbies.  For the most part, that's what happened.  Along the way, I added Subject 13 just to have regular content.  The series has picked up a small following, though it's hard to tell who is reading, who isn't, and why.  The "commentary track" came up when I wanted more than just Subject 13 as content, to at least give people following something else.  The NaNo prep work gave me a chance to work out ideas - if I could explain them, then I'd get a better feel for what I'd need for the project.

I'd say the oddest tangents I've had here were the Battleship vs Sharktopus comparison and the "Girls as Cars" post.  The latter came up after a quick aside in an online chat with other MuseHack contributors, then just built from there as the idea remained in my head.  The research for that one led Google AdSense to believe I was in the market for a new car, one that was up-market, expensive.  Or entry level.  There wasn't anything in between.  The movie review came after reviewing Battleship then managing to catch Sharktopus on Space not long afterward.  Needless to say, I preferred Sharktopus, as detailed in the post.  It's not a great movie, but it succeeded at what it set out to do.

I do have plans for this blog.  Once the Subject 13 backlog is empty, I'll start posting some of my older NaNoWriMo work, starting with the first one I tried.  Part of the plan is to showcase where I was and where I am now with my writing skills, and that first novel forced me to stretch in a way that I hadn't before.  A comparison would be like going from a 220m race to a triple-marathon, with little practice prior.  Short stories, such as the fanfiction I'd written in the past and the issues of Subject 13, are a different style of writing from novels.

I'll still post gaming material for a variety of games.  I'm on a Traveller kick right now, in part because of the work being done to set up a potential Traveller project for NaNoWriMo.  I'll add thoughts from and for other games as they come up and as non-disclosure agreements allow.  Also planned, more on writing.  As seen last week, I don't approach writing in a standard manner, if there is such a beast.  I'm hoping that other hopeful writers might see my method and realize that there are other ways and everyone can find a method that works.

Of course, there'll be unexpected subjects.  The nice thing about a personal blog is I get to decide what gets posted.  So, if I vent or, in the other direction, gush over something, take it in stride.

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