25 Sep 2013

Fun With Traveller - Philomena's Brother

This time around, time to test out the Traveller 5 character creation process.  Traveller 5 is the Big Black Book, with everything you need to create a universe.  It's not so much game as tool kit.  For the first test, Philomena's older brother.  Ideally, we get at least five terms out of him before he gets the boot or gets killed.

A few things should be kept from Philomena's sheet - her last name and her social standing.  Traveller 5 does allow for tracking family genetics for those who want, but I never recorded Philomena's rolls.  Instead, I'll assume a 50/50 split between her parents, then roll a single die to add on.  Not accurate, but it'll work for now.

Philomena's stats, for reference:
Name: Philomena Ashazu Gikdirkishkiga
Age: 30
Species: Vilani
Homeworld: Capital/Core (0508 A86A98A-F Hi Ht Wa)
Rank: Supervisor (2)
  Str 7/+0
  Dex 8/+0
  End 6/+0
  Int 8/+0
  Edu 9/+1
  Soc A/+1
Education won't transfer; I'll roll it separately for Philomena's brother since it is experience, not innate.  Social Standing remains at 10, at least for now.  The base for Strength will be on a high-low roll, with high being a base of 4 and low being 3.  The roll is 1, so the brother starts at 3 for his Strength.

First, he needs a name, something along the lines of Philomena.  Alexander fits the form; weighty, similar origin, and long.  Next, I roll his stats, which are in the quote block below.  Homeworld is the same, as is species.
Name: Alexander Gikdirkishkiga
Species: Vilani
Homeworld: Capital/Core (0508 A86A98A-F Hi Wa, Pr, Cx)
  Str 4
  Dex A
  End 7
  Int 9
  Edu C
  Soc A
Philomena is stronger, but Alexander is far more agile and has far more education.  Traveller 5 includes descriptions for the values generated.  This means Alexander is weak, adroit, of average endurance, of above average intelligence, and has the equivalent of a doctorate already.  So, along with all her other woes, Philomena pales beside her brother.  She just can't catch a break.

Traveller 5 added new trade codes for worlds, so a quick check of Capital's Universal World Profile needs to be done.  The UWP is A86A98A-F, so the trade codes from page 496 result in Water World, High Population, Pre-Rich, and Imperial Capital.  These will provide early skills; in this case, Seafarer-1, Streetwise-1, Craftsman-1, and Language-1.

Alexander looks at his options.  Further education is possible, allowing Alexander to go a more scholarly way or gain skills before going into the Imperial bureaucracy.  He easily has the prerequisite for university; he needed Education of 7 or higher.  To get in, he needs to roll two dice (2D) under his Intelligence.  The roll is 9, exactly his Int, so he's in.  He needs to now roll twice either his Int or Edu with each success being a pass; he succeeds all both times without touching the dice.  He gets to raise his major to level 2 and minor to level 1; Alexander takes Bureaucrat as his major and minors in Counsellor.  One last roll under twice Edu gets an Honours degree and an extra level to Bureaucrat.  And for fun, using the flux die mechanic (1D-1D), Alexander's university is the (flux is -4) Ling University (after Ling Standard Products).

With a Bachelor's degree under his belt, Alexander looks at Law School.  Again, for fun, rolling up the name gets (flux is 3) the Horowitz Institute School of Advocacy Arts.  Alexander applies, needing to roll under his Education, and gets 12, thus squeaking in yet again.  He keeps his major and minor the same, and now rolls three times under his Education - 10, 7, and 6.  He raises his Bureaucrat to 5 and Counsellor to 2.

Now 24, he's ready to start his career!  Alexander qualifies for the Noble career without having to roll, so he heads there.  His starting rank is Gentleman, based on his Social Standing.  He gets four skill rolls right away, and chooses the Academic, Travel, Political, and Vocation tables.  In order, he gets one Trade, Zero-G, Tactics, and Bureaucrat.  He risks an Intrigue and is successful.  Alexander may now try for Elevation; he needs to roll over his Soc this time adding his successful Intrigues; he rolls a 9 plus 1 for a 10.  He is now Sir Alexander.  With Elevation comes two more skills; he takes them from Political and Technical and gets Liaison and one Art.  Alexander now checks to see if he can continue by rolling under his Soc; a roll of 10 is still under.

Alexander's second term goes the same way.  For skills, he chooses Personal, Academic, General, and Political and gets +1 Edu, Counsellor, Leader, and Liaison.  The Intrigue roll is a 5, below his Edu.  Elevation now needs an 11 or higher, but Alexander can add +2 from his successful Intrigues; the roll is 6 plus 2 is 8 is not enough.  The continuation roll is 9; Alexander can continue his career.

At 32 years old, Alexander is still young.  He stays in the Noble career.  His four skills are from General, Political, Personal, and Travel this time; Liaison, Liaison, +1 Dex, and Pilot.  The Intrigue roll is a 4; another success.  The Elevation roll is 5, plus 3 for 8 which is again not enough.  By the end of the term, Alexander has started Life Stage 5 (page 97) and needs to check for aging effects.  To do that, he has to roll 5 or higher for each of Str, Dex, and End or lose a point of the stat; the dice come up as 8, 7, and 6.  Close, but still okay.  The continuation roll is 11, on the nose.  Alexander is good at squeaking by.

I'll take Alexander one more term, which will place him at 40 years old by the end.  He takes skill rolls on the Personal, Travel, Political, and Academic tables, getting +1 Dex, Pilot, Tactics, and Counsellor.  The Intrigue roll is based off his Dex this time, for a change of pace; Alexander gets a 4, easily succeeding.  He tries for Elevation, with a +4 modifer; the roll is 6 for a total of 10, too low.  Aging needs to be checked again; the dice come up as 5, 7, and 8.  Close shave on Str, but Alexander pulls through.

Time to muster out.  He gets four rolls on the benefits table from terms served.  Fame also needs to be calculated.  From the errata, Nobles have fame of 1.5 times their Social Standing.  In Alexander's case, that works out to be 16.5, rounded to 17.  He does not qualify for another benefit roll as a result.  The chart on page 109 shows that Sir Alexander is known throughout Capital's solar system.  Rolling on the mustering out tables, Alexander goes for one roll and each of Money, Benefits, and Power, with a +4 from terms served as a modifier.  The totals are 10, 8, and 5, getting Cr200 000, Proxy (1D worth), and Proxy (1D worth).  The last roll is on the Benefits table; a 5 gets a +1 End.

All that's left is to clean up a few dangling skills.  Alexander received one Art and one Trade, and needs to choose a language.  For his Art, Alexander takes Artist as the skill.  For the Trade, he improves Craftsman by 1.  For languages, he has Anglic as his native and takes Vilani as his second.

Sir Alexander is now ready.  His terms served work out to parallel Philomena's; the age difference comes from his academic studies.  Alexander has had a better run than his little sister Philomena and hasn't yet heard about her difficulties or her decision to gallivant off in a Scout/Courier.  It will be about six months before the news arrives on Capital and another six to twelve for him to arrive at Mora/Mora.

Alexander's character sheet:

Name: Alexander Gikdirkishkiga
Age: 40
Species: Vilani
Homeworld: Capital/Core (0508 A86A98A-F Hi Ht Wa)
Rank: Knight

  Str 4
  Dex C
  End 8
  Int 9
  Edu D
  Soc B

Fame: 17

  Artist 1
  Bureaucrat 7
  Counsellor 4
  Craftsman 2
    Anglic 13
    Vilani 12
  Leader 1
  Liaison 4
  Pilot 2
  Seafarer 1
  Streetwise 1
  Tactics 2
  Zero-G 1

University - Ling University, Bachelor's with Honours, majoring in Bureacrat, minoring in Counsellor, 4 years
University - Horowitz Institute School of Advocacy Arts, majoring in Bureacrat, minoring in Counsellor, 2 years.

Career - Noble
Term 1: The Rangoon Ring: Successful; Elevated
Term 2: The Assassination of Vilghan: Successful
Term 3: Ferrold's Secret Exile: Successful
Term 4: The Lannis Ring: Successful

Cr 200 000
Ship Shares:
Intrigues: 4
Land Grants: 2
Proxies: 7 (worth Cr70 000/year)

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