20 Jun 2013

Subject 13 #24 - Commentary

Again, please read the issue before continuing.

A cold Rochester morning.  Nasty is not a morning person.  The school uniform isn't helping.  Rusty sympathizes, at least when it comes to weather and the skirts.  Nasty now just has to learn to relax, despite being an escapee from some mad scientist's lair.  Have to feel for Rusty; she's trying to be friends with the new girl without realizing that there's a load of issues being hidden from her sight.

Clubs weren't a big deal when I went to high school.  They existed, but they weren't mandatory.  That lack of mandatory-ness meant that when I found something to join, I didn't feel the need to reject it out of hand.  For Nasty, though, and based on what I've read on the Internet and what I've seen in fiction (thus, taking everything with a heaping spoonful of skepticism), Fieldson requires club membership of its students.  Nasty isn't worried; she's there to find the Pyro Twins before the week is up and then she's gone.  But, undercover, she can't just say she's leaving soon.  Crash course on police work.

The skirt.  Go back to last week's commentary and see the difference between what Nasty's skirt is and what she thinks it is.  See also why I'm writing the series instead of drawing.  The hemline is higher than Nasty prefers.  Rusty, again, sympathizes, having worn the uniform far longer.

The art teacher really isn't based on a teacher I had.  The one I had in grades 7 and 8 was more known for drinking.  When he retired and the art room cleaned up at the end of the school year, many a bottle got pulled out of cabinets.  Sure, the bottles were used for class and they weren't all wine bottles, but people speculated.  I never took art in high school; the course conflicted with music, IIRC.  Ms Funke just sort of... happened.  She's not quite there, but she knows her art.  A force of nature, really.

The lack of permission slips let me get Cynthia alone with Nasty.  There's a definite difference between the two girls.  Nasty's language is laced with obscenities and she's not afraid to let loose with a cluster f-bomb.  Cynthia, though, while not swearing, has a far sharper tongue, one that she has used to cut other girls down with.  And then comes the offer that Nasty can't refuse.  Cynthia has a decent read on the new girl, noticing that Nasty isn't trying to push her way into an existing clique, and that could be useful.  In return, Nasty gets an in with her main suspects.

Tomorrow, crime continues even when a sidekick is on a mission.
Saturday, over at MuseHack, Lost in Translation looks at The Guns of Navarone.
Coming soon, more Traveller fun and more NaNo 2013 prep.

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