8 Apr 2013

The Most Excellent Adventure Ends

Rufus, the most excellent cleric, has finished his adventure, with a most triumphant victory over the heinous forces of evil.  Followers of the Lawgiver, the Old Faith, and the Most Excellent One came together under a righteous rhythm to aid the founder of the village and fight the massed armies of evil about to march upon the village.  Artifacts were destroyed, preventing a most bogus end to the villagers of Hommel Lane.

However, the victory came at a cost.  Two of Rufus's fellow adventurers, Silvo and Belfire, were missing at the end of the battle.  No, most excellent friends, they did not fall.  Rufus fully believes that the Most Excellent One called them, based on their bravery and valour as they strove to be excellent to the villagers, to where they are needed most.  The most sainted ones will do well, no matter where they went.

In appreciation for saving the village, the mayor of Hommel Lane granted land to each of the adventurers who most excellently helped.  Rufus shall be opening a temple/tavern, where he'll perform three nights a week and be avavilable for b'nai and b'not mitzvah when he's not tending to the village's spiritual needs.  A room is always available to the most sainted ones, Silvo and Belfire, if and when they return.

So, fellow adventurers, be excellent to each other, and party on, dudes!

[Next season of Encounters moves the setting to the Forgotten Realms town of Neverwinter.  The players Silvo and Belfire will keep playing their PCs next season.  I'm going to create a new character, having missed the previous Neverwinter season.  If there's a sequel to this season, Rufus will return.]

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