18 Apr 2013

Subject 13 #15 - Commentary

Again, read the issue first.  Less spoiler-y.

Issue 15 more or less wraps up Nasty's origin arc.  If you've been saving commentary, now's a good time for it.

The first fifteen issues were written mainly at work between callers.  As I mentioned, Subject 13 was originally started so I could focus frustration into something creative instead of destructive.  I did catch myself once looking up a caller's address because the person needed to be beaten around the head with his DSL modem.  It was a bad call.  Taking out the frustration on fictional people didn't really help, but it distracted me long enough to forget the address.

I hated that job.

Back to the Nasty's issue instead of mine, Nasty has gone on the offense.  "Enough is enough and enough is too much."  Thanks to the Consortium, she has better control over her power punch.  Nasty is also picking up on her new trick learned in the previous issue and is using it to break walls.  Oh, and her swearing gets more intense when she's angry.  There may come a point when she escalates from f-bomb to strategic f-nuke; nothing has been planned for that point, though.

Jackson, meanwhile, just wants to minimize the damage, both to the Consortium's building and to the work that he and his team have put in trying to recruit Nasty.  So far, the teenager has fought off several opponents while out-numbered, resisted being paralysed despite succumbing, and broke out of mental conditioning.  Either the Consortium needs Nasty on its side or she needs to be eliminated.  Nasty isn't the first altered human the Consortium recruited forcibly.

The final fight is Nasty against the agents who grabbed her at school.  This time, the agents don't have time to get closer.  This time, Nasty is ready for a fight.  Very much a one-sided fight.  Nasty also lives up to her nickname, making sure that the agent she put down stays down.  Note, though, Nasty isn't using her power punch once she has the upper hand.

The end report came naturally from the Subject listings in the first thirteen issues.  It wasn't planned, but once I had established the format, I could return to it when the Consortium is involved.  I forgot to mention the two guards from the first paragraph, but I now hand wave it by saying that the Consortium doesn't worry about non-altered assets.

Friday, Nasty in Rochester!
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Coming later here, fun with Traveller, NaNoWriMo[http://www.nanowrimo.org], naming characters, and Shadowrun prep.

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