22 Nov 2012

The Final Stretch

My last NaNo post was all about how far behind I was in updating and NaNo'ing.  This time, I have better news.  I'm still behind, but not that far.  Two days, before starting to write.  I've been pushing to get over 2500 words a night when I do write.  (Gaming causes slower days.)  This past Tuesday, I was caught up.  So, yeah, I can get to the 50k goal, easily.

Storywise, it's a slow pace.  One time skip, though planned, some action.  Far too much dialogue, really.  The story seems to want to be in a episodic format, not a novel.  Chances are, the story will be abandoned as a novel once I pass the 50k goal.  However, I could turn it into something else, with the work this month being treated as backstory and initial testing.  It's not a loss.

Characters are going in the right direction.  Darcy is definitely turning into the beleaguered leader, having to deal with the likes of Tori and Renée.  Dominique is becoming Beaver Flight's "mom", handling the emotional wreckage.  The aliens have appeared, though their motive is still hidden from the characters.  Renée is having some problem - she doesn't quite fit.  Where am I going from here?  One reveal coming up.  Another later down the line.  Some internal bickering, this time between flights.  The Russian flight leader has some issues to deal with.

And more giant robot combat!

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