16 Nov 2012

Catching Up

As you can see, I've fallen behind in updating. There's a reason.

I fell behind in NaNo'ing.

I didn't mean to. In fact, I didn't even want to fall behind. It's a tough slog trying to catch up. But, well, Days 8, 9, and 11 saw me spend most of my free time in bed. You see, I got sick. I wound up not being able to get out social activities, and one goal I have with NaNo is to do it without major sacrifices in socializing. I don't socialize much, and less of it is bad.

However, last weekend was just horrid* for me. I could barely stay awake. My throat felt like evil dwarves were sandblasting a hole through it. And, Sunday, I was up for a grand total of four hours at most, and definitely not continuous. Hard to type when LARPing a corpse. Even my cats were concerned. It takes a lot to get a cat to worry.

So, since the weekend, I've been working like mad to catch up. I had my best ever mid-week day of typing at over 3000 words in my history of NaNoveling. I can see the halfway point. Which is good, because I took the 15th off from writing, too. I know, I know, why stop when I could have been within striking distance of being back on pace?

The Ottawa NaNo group had a mid-way party. :D On top, CKCU's Kate Hunt was looking for people participating in NaNoWriMo for her show, Literary Landscape, and I volunteered to be in the studio while one of Ottawa's fearless Municipal Liaisons called in from the party. I figured it was chance too good to pass up. How often would I get to be in a radio studio? I'm catching up to my nephew** there. And then I went to the party. A good time was had, talking about novelling, Star Wars, Star Trek, Airplane, and other geeky endeavors. I feel I had a good excuse for not writing yesterday.

Where do I stand? Right now, I'm a little above 22 000 words, with Friday's needing 28 333 words to remain on track. I'll get a few more words in tonight, but not a full day's worth. This weekend, I hope to get at least 5000 words and get to at least one write-in. This will, ideally, bring me to within a day's worth of writing of being on pace, with Monday getting a major push to catch up. Not where I had expected to be, but not far behind, either.

* Yes, I use words like this. I read too much Enid Blyton as a younger me.
** Twelve years old and he's been to CKCU's radio camp to put together a show.


  1. Listed to the radio show - sounded good! I was nodding at a lot of the things you said about why write even if it might not be great... even if the overall of it continues to reinforce my own opinion that it's not the sort of thing for me. Though of course, I don't have time in November anyway.

    Of note, back during JulNoWriMo, on the 17th I was only at about 20,400. (Granted, I pulled 2-3 thousand per day for a week afterwards.) So pacing isn't everything, and health is important. Keep at it! :)

  2. Thanks for listening! :D. One of the big things that NaNo does is get people in the habit of writing. But, yes, the format isn't for everyone. I take the challenge to force myself to work towards a finished product.

    I'm still catching up. Health does trump a lot. I'm feeling a lot better now, thanks.