19 Oct 2012

Season "Team Evil" Comes to a Close

This past Wednesday saw the end of the current season of D&D Encounters.  My character, Xaelynna, the drow enchantrix, died.  She was brought below 0 hit points during the fight and left by her teammates in a spider web.  It was the best sort of death she could’ve hoped for, besides being assassinated.  She leaves behind one annoyed mentor who was going to use her to gain power on the ruling council.  If the campaign continued, I’d be working out a new PC, most likely a deep dwarf slave attached to another drow PC.  Then I’d mention to the GM that Xaelynna’s mentor may want to exact revenge at some point.
Next week’s Encounters is a “Slot 0” session, where players create characters for the next season.  I mentioned previously a few ideas I had.  Others are coming to mind, too.  An eladrin witch (Heroes of the Feywild), an eladrin nethermancer (Heroes of the Shadowfell), and a tiefling druid are all in the running with the pixie skald.  I’ve got a week to figure that out.  Part of the decision will be based on what’s needed.  Defenders were thin on the field this past season, and leaders rare the season before that.  Ideally, I should have ideas for each role, and I’m halfway there.  (Wizards are controllers, druids can be either controllers or leaders, skalds are leaders.  Just missing are a striker and a defender idea.)  I’ll post my decision when it’s made.

Oh, and possible try to figure out a pic for the PC.

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