27 Oct 2012

Characterization, or Who Are These People? - Part III

Parts I and II took a look at Mecha Academy and Beaver Squad.  On to the third idea, The Brazen Hussies.

At this point, I don't have characters yet.  What I do have are roles to be filled.  I've worked out that the mercenary unit is an all-woman team of at least regiment-sized with three battalions, each battalion having four companies.  The Hussies are one company, mixed infantry and heavy infantry.  That leaves creating a chain of command.  Starting at the top, there's the board of directors, composed of the unit's owners and past commanders.  The board determines the jobs the unit takes.  Also on the board, the current commanding officer, a colonel, who will need to be named.  Next step down, the battalions all have command staff.  I only need the commander of the the Hussies' battalion, though, even if she doesn't make an appearance.  She'll have a rank of Major, with a Lieutenant as an aide.

This brings me to the Hussies themselves.  The company commander, a Captain, will definitely have a role, as will her command staff (second in command, aide, clerk).  The three platoons comprising the Hussies will also have their commanders (Lieutenants) named.  Then there's the platoons themselves.  At this point, though, having at least 12 troops per platoon, naming each one might get to overkill, though a rough idea of who is in each unit may help.

The idea with the Brazen Hussies is to highlight the different levels in the command structure, from the Colonel in charge down to the ladies on the front lines.  This may lead to needing, essentially, three casts; one for the high level (the Colonel, the battalion Major, the board of directors), one for mid-level (the company commander and staff), and one for the front lines (at the minimum, a squad or two).

Oh, and figure out a plot.  I have a vague idea for one (the Hussies are hired to fill out an army where the bulk of the serving soldiers are trying to put down a rebellion when the government falls), but no milestones to aim for as of yet, not even a beginning.  But, that's a different topic for another day.

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