3 Jan 2019

The Elf's Prisoner - Commentary 10

Busy day for a Matriarch, in The Elf's Prisoner Chapter 10.

Sometimes, a patient just will not listen to her healer.  Nyssa has a reason.  Several, but Kazi will accept only one of them - the need to find out who is trying to rile up the various nations.  Nyssa's other reasons include being stubborn, being unwilling to let her body slow her down, and being a pain in the ass.  Nyssa is also already planning the next leg of her trip and having an elf guide through the Sylvan Wood is a boon she could use.

The plot is starting to come together here.  Ten chapters in and I finally worked out the main plotline.  Not that the gathering of the heroes isn't a bad thing.  Many movies have been built around the idea, including The Seven Samurai, the American remakes The Magnificent Seven and Battle Beyond the Stars, and the movies leading into Marvel's The Avengers.  Establishing the characters while maintaining action and, more importantly, reader interest, is a tough act, especially when the plot doesn't want to come together just yet.

That's three of the main characters committed to the quest - Nyssa, her squire Leomund, and now Kazimier.  That leaves Wren and Jyslyn, so why start with Kazi?  Kazimier has authority in Wildwood as a priest.  He might not be able to order anyone, but he can ask and others will weigh what his needs compared to their own.  Getting Kazi on board is critical for Wren and Jyslyn.  The former is young, still an apprentice.  The latter is an outsider and feels that just leaving with no word would cause an unnecessary stir.

I'll note for everyone again that The Elf's Prisoner is not yet complete.  There's a lot written, but the story just grew far larger than expected.  It happens, at least to me during NaNoWriMo.  Unlike previous works that needed a chapter or two to wrap up, The Elf's Prisoner sprawls.  Nature of the beast, maybe.

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