6 Sep 2018

dba LTV Paranormalists - Hauntings Anonymous - Commentary 7

Movie night, in dba LTV Paranormalists Chapter 7.

Ever wonder where characters get the money for everything they do?  It's not so bad if a character with a decent job with benefits has an odd luxury here and there.  Students, though, typically don't have much money to spare after tuition and text books.  Kristi should have a summer job, though some of her background hasn't been fully explored yet.  How she's earning money over the summer to pay for her rent, tuition, and books hasn't been part of the story like Ayel's barista job has.  Kieu, too, should have a summer job, to pay for all the electronic gadgets she has and creates.  The problem she has is that she gets hyperfocused on her studies to the point of sleep deprivation, making it difficult to get past the interview stage.  Kieu doesn't need rent money, just tuition and text books, and while student loans will cover some of the costs, they don't cover the full needs of someone in Computer Science, like a fully functional computer or two.  How does she get around that?  Patents on things she's created while sleep deprived.  It works for her.

Ginger's personality is like a playful cat.  She isn't based on any one cat I've had, but I've used some of their behaviours in her personality.  Being one of the Wee Folk, modern technology is magical to her.  She knows what movies are, in part thanks to Kristi for trying to keep her occupied.  Video recordings are another level of understanding.  I haven't defined her magic.  It's unlikely that Ginger could explain how she performs her magic; she just does it.  From the author's view, though, that's not helpful on knowing her limitations.  Research into faerie magic didn't help; myth and legend tend to not give absolutes.  Turning a few people invisible is within the realm, though.

This chapter didn't originally follow the previous one.  I removed an entire chapter.  It didn't fit here; it works best as the third or fourth chapter of the previous, unpublished, arc.  It's essentially a dream sequence, except that it wasn't just a dream.  That chapter also got me to realize what the main drive of the series would be.  In short, when North American got colonized by Europeans, it wasn't just colonists that came over, but also their myths and legends.  Same thing with Asians and Africans, their myths and legends came over along with the people.  However, some legendary creatures aren't friendly.  The fae are trying to dominate, and the local legends are fighting back.  This led to a few questions I couldn't answer properly, so some changes, none of which affects the current arc, but still had to be addressed.

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