4 May 2017

The Soul Blade Chapter 31 - Commentary

Exciting nights for Brenna and Tricia, in The Soul Blade Chapter 31.

Maybe Brenna should invite Tricia to a girls' night out.  Brenna seemed to have a far better night out, though on re-reading Tricia's "trembling", maybe the evil sorceress enjoyed herself more.  It wasn't intentional, but if the innuendo works, why not?

Missy got to be the focus of the second scene.  She was the designated driver for the evening, and had to corral Brenna.  There's a small info dump, but Missy wanted spotlight time, since everyone else was getting some.  Beats having Brenna wander doing nothing for another scene.  Missy bought the store after Krista had moved away, and kept it quiet because she didn't want her friends thinking she was settling down so soon.

Tricia got her own little info dump in the form of a monologue.  Apparently, she's never seen The Incredibles.  At least she didn't monologue around Brenna.  Tricia's major flaw is impatience.  She wants power and wants it now.  As a result, she has a passenger in her head who is commenting like she's a feature on Mystery Science Theatre 3000.  Tricia is a little cranky.

Again, this chapter is very dependent on Tricia keeping the plot going.  Adding Tricia helped a lot, which is why she first came in.  As Brenna floundered, Tricia picked up the plot and ran with it.  Brenna should be getting more active over the next few chapters, but it took some time.  This chapter, and the past few, were written in the NaNo doldrums, the third week where the idea seems to run out of steam at the same time as the writer reaches into energy reserves to keep going.  Sort of like the wall for marathon runners  At the time, The Soul Blade was the longest NaNo project I had, and even recent projects haven't hit the same totals.  Mind, I find that my later ones, last year's first part excluded, were more focused.

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