5 Jan 2017

The Soul Blade Chapter 14 - Commentary

Brenna gets in some family time, in The Soul Blade Chapter 14.

After Tricia creating her own horror movie in Chapter 13, it was time for a breather.  Brenna is unaware of what happened, though that will change in upcoming chapters.  In the meantime, life goes on, even if Brenna at times feels like she's being left behind.  But first, Brenna has quality time with Matt.  She managed to maintain some control and enjoyed the moment.  This scene, though, becomes a problem later, where Brenna gets overly Matt-focused over the actual events.  Lack of planning on my part, mostly.  For now, Brenna gets her well-deserved romance in before things really fall apart.

Brenna is showing signs of maturing, even if she would prefer to be her daddy's princess.  Life does move on, and today, I'd weave that sort of theme in for Brenna.  However, her father and her sister are getting on with their own lives, which is something I did want to get out there.  Grace is graduating, and, with the new revelation this chapter, getting into Law at UCLA.

The breather ends with a bit of fun with Matt, though not that kind of fun.  Brenna is off to get her van back, the last loose end from Tricia's attack on her that needs to be tied off.  For anyone wondering why the product placement, it boils down to word count.  Candy apple red Monte Carlos beat a matte black Ferrari, but lavender Savanas lose to both, thus the addition of the maker.  The make itself caused fits with the spellchecker, with wavy red lines under every appearance.  That's on GM, using a misspelling to get a trademark.

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