29 Apr 2016

NaNo Prep 2016 - Shadowrun Webcomic - Art Details

Time to switch back to my other potential NaNoWriMo project, the unofficial, unauthorized Shadowrun webcomic.  I've have a cast list, but the final product will be visual.  Time to get out the details about the setting, as filtered through my thought processes.

As with By the Numbers, I want to keep what happens in the webcomic within the mechanical possibility of the game.  I do have character sheets for the main cast, which did take a bit of time.  If this is the chosen project, then the sheets will be made available.  Why create the cast as player characters?  To figure out exactly what they have.  Shadowrun gets into details to bring the feel of the game closer to home.  Characters are, in a default game, deniable expendable assets for hire, without access to equipment that a PC in a Traveller may have.  Most of my cast have fallen through the cracks in the society of 2072.

I've broken things down by character, noting what items that would be visible to the reader.  Obvious cybernetics are obvious, and all that.  A quick note on commlinks - they're the equivalent to smartphones with more procnessing power.  All of the cast has subvocal microphones for them, so dialogue will need to reflect that usage.  Chrome and Corporal have smartgun links, so their weapons should have laser sights.  Everything else after the break.

Chrome Rainbow
Visible Cybernetics:

  • Datajack - port similar to a headphone jack located below the right ear.  Typically used to connect via cable to weapons.
  • Hand Blade - extendable blade popping out from the side of the right hand, aligned with the fingers when in use.
  • Wired Reflexes - needs a visual representation when in use, to show Chrome under their influence.
Key Gear:
  • Armour* Jacket - A blue-grey jacket with padding, the Ares Arms logo on the collar.
  • Guardian - heavy pistol, blued steel (if the webcomic is in colour) with detachable silencer; Chrome's primary firearm.  Illustration available in /Run and Gun/
  • Crusader II - a machine pistol, matte black, no silencer; Chrome's preferred gun when dealing with gangs.  Use original /Robocop/'s pistol as reference.
  • Smartgun X - submachinegun, based on the MAC-10/MAC-11, has integral silencer.  Illustration available in core rules.
  • Pulsar - taser, kept up the sleeve of the armour jacket.
  • Telescoping Staff - a short blue rod that extends out to look like a quarterstaff.
  • Stun Baton - electrified club with a black handle and a light blue shaft.  The staff sparks when it connects.

Visible Cybernetics:
  • Control Rig - represented by a datajack in the right temple.  Typically used when Corporal is driving, with a cable running from the jack to the vehicle's dashboard.
  • Cybernetic Eyes - close ups should show an lens iris-like look to the eyes; colour should be a not-quote-natural green.
Key Gear
  • Armour Jacket - A forest camouflage jacket with padding and epaulets, no logos, but velcro where a name would be on a Canadian Forces jacket.
  • Colt Government 2066 - nickel plated heavy pistol with detachable silencer; use the Colt .45/Colt M1911 as reference.
  • Colt M23 - assault rifle; use the M-16 as reference, but streamlined/futurized.
  • Stun Baton - as Chrome's.
  • Shin-Hyung - dark blue sport sedan; use a Hyundai sedan as reference.
  • Roadmaster - green and white transport; illustrations exist in core rules of past editions.  Turret pops up above cabin.
  • Optic-X - matte black winged drone, "size of a hawk"  when deployed according to core rules.  Include sensor domes top and bottom.
  • Fly Spy - looks like a mechanical wasp.  Bombshell has yellow stripes; Ransack has green.  Illustration in core rules.
  • Roto-Drone - Black and yellow VTOL drone.  Illustrations can be found in various books.  Weapon mount has paired weapons; M-23 as described above and EX Shocker taser, illustration in core rules.
  • Steel Lynx - forest camo wheeled drone; illo available in /Street Samurai Catalog/ for first edition.  Turret has a medium machine gun.  The drone should not look subtle.
  • Liegelord - tablet with two joysticks along bottom edge with Vulcan Systems logo (stylized longship with dragon on sail) in upper right.  Corporal uses the Liegelord to control his drones remotely; no need to be wired, thanks to wireless, but he does take the time to plug himself in for combat situations.
Papa Slick
Visible Cybernetics:
  • Datajack - like Chrome's except in the left temple.
  • Wired Reflexes - like Chrome's
Key Gear
  • Lined Coat - use the classic long coat from Westerns as a reference.
  • Ultra-Power - matte black heavy pistol; use the Browning Hi-Power as reference and add a laser sight underbarrel.
  • Tiffani-Defiance Protector - steel grey light pistol; illustration in /Run and Gun/.
  • Novatech Navigator - cyberdeck, a tablet on steroids with the Novatech logo on the back where it can be seen from under various science fiction movie stickers.
  • Glasses - wire frames.  Lenses should have a slight green or amber glow along bottom, reflecting readouts from the commlink or the cyberdeck.  Can have full images on them when needed.
Sister Sam
Visible Cybernetics:
  • None - Sam is a magician, and cybernetics affects the ability to channel mana.
Key Gear
  • Armour Vest - worn beneath her robes; outline should be barely visible.
  • Katana - the traditional Japanese sword, held in a scabbard tied to Sam's obi.  Should have a red glow when used against spirits.
  • Naginata - as per the real weapon.  Not often used, but does come out from time to time.
  • Spells - as needed.
  • Ofuda - prayer strips used for banishing spirits.
Tempest T. Pot
Visible Cybernetics:
  • Datajack - as Chrome's, but on the back of her neck hidden under her hair.
  • Skilljack - part datajack, part miniSD chip slot, also on back of her neck.  In both cases, she'll have th reach under her hair to access the jacks.
  • Note that Tempest's cyber is all second-hand and may cause problems.
Key Gear
  • Armour Vest - as per Sam's.  Usually worn under her clothes, but sometimes on top.
  • Colt America L-36 - metallic green light pistol.  Use the Colt Lightweight Commander as reference, but trim it down.  Has a laser sight.
  • Defiance T-250 - pump action shotgun with artifical wood stock, black barrel.
  • Dart Pistol - blue and white pistol with compressed air cartridges on either side of the barrel.  Has laser sight.
Bit of a list up there, but hopefully enough to help artists.  If not, please let me know.

* I'm going to have to train myself to write with American spellings in the dialogue for this project.

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