17 Mar 2016

NaNoWriMo Projects - What Next?

Since it'd be silly to comment on what is essentially commentary, let's look at what's possible with the projects listed last week.  Most have a future of some sort, and there are plans afoot*.

Lethal Ladies
While the first story is rough, the concept is solid.  The project could be turned into a serial without too much trouble.  The original idea was to turn Lethal Ladies into a series; serializing means allowing a story to run as long as needed.  Titles of individual stories would be stylized along the lines of Perry Mason ("Case of the X"), The Man from U.N.C.L.E. ("The X Affair"), and Leverage ("The X Job").  Whether a new case comes up for November is another question.

Digital Magic
Oh, completely abandoned.  I have ideas to salvage it, but the story is going to be gutted and rebuilt in that case.  Essentially, Jackie, Tricia, and Donna (the villain) may be the only details left standing.

Crossover is tied in to Subject 13, so future plans depend on returning to where I had left Nasty.  Once I work out the battle against Famine, then I can get Nasty home.

Tales of the Soul Blade
I mentioned the plans in the commentary, but the idea was that I'd look at the various wielders of the titular blade.  I also have a follow up idea with Brenna, showing that she's not the only defender against supernatural threats.  There isn't a Chosen One, but a Chosen Many.

By the Numbers
Numbers' story needs to be finished.  In 2014, I had started a follow up, and continued it when I wrote myself into a corner with Unruly.  I do know where the team wound up, with Numbers off trying to create a new life while the rest deal with breaking in a new hacker.

Bronya and Morwenna
Low on the list of stories to be worked on, there are ideas to bring out.  The catch is getting to the planned point of the villain's reveal and the consequences thereof.  Bronya's past returns to haunt her and Morwenna winds up having to work on her own for a bit.  It may get a bit dark, too, which is another reason for the lower priority.  I need to make sure I'm in the right frame of mind, and that frame needs a lit path.

Beaver Flight
This is a work that needs to be reformatted as a proper serial, as opposed to how I presented it before.  With the reworking of the story, the slower bits can be handwaved away.  Beaver Flight needed to be a serial, possibly animated or illustrated.

The Devil You Know
I have the end in mind.  I just need to get there, wrap up everyone's dangling plotlines, and figure out the big confrontation.  Once that's done, Mara may get her own story; for a character added because I needed a co-pilot, she became integral.

There are two entries in the works, and I have a title list for future stories.  I may also ask some people I know if they want to try their hand at the setting.  After all, the serial is about the school and the students, not just Laura and her roommates.  The potential in Unruly is untapped so far.

The Elf's Prisoner
World building needs to be done.  I have ideas, such as what races live where and how to give them a twist from the traditional fantasy tropes.  Time will tell.

Many ideas, so little time.  But NaNoWriMo's big lesson was just writing.  I went from struggling to fill a 50 000 word novel to writing regular blog posts not just here but with Lost in Translation over at Seventh Sanctum and Psycho Drive-In.  The more I write, the better I get, and the more confidence I gain in my voice.  Writing isn't scary anymore!

Tomorrow, Some ideas for NaNo 2016.
Also tomorrow, over at Psycho Drive-In, Batman Fluxx.
Saturday, over at Seventh Sanctum, Supergirl, I hope.
Also Saturday, check out Comics Bulletin for comics-related reposts of /Lost in Translation/.

* Which is an odd place to keep them, on a foot.

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