12 Nov 2015

Crossover Chapter 12 - Commentary

Natasha usurps Nasty's life.  Welcome to the commentary for the twelvth chapter.  Please read the chapter before continuing.

The supporting cast is coming in to find the heroes.  The cast is as assembled together as it will get.  Everyone in the know, from Keith and Eric to the Eagle Foundation personnel, are together.  That does leave Vicki's father on the outside, which was why I sent him to the ball game.  Their goal, to rescue the heroes.  It's a nice switch up from the usual superheroes saving regular people story.  But, these are the supporting cast, not the headliners.

Speaking of our heroes . . ..  They're not in a death trap.  The one thing that Natasha can't do is kill them.  The connectivity between the two universes means that when one dies, the other does, too.  Natasha neutralized them.  Nasty uses her fists; her hands are inside hollow metal balls that she can't touch.  Pixie shrinks; if she tries to grow, she impales herself.  Meredith has power armour; removing the BIKINI removes her superpowers.  Natasha has also taken the Peregrine costume.  Vicki gets to keep hers; Tori would never fit.

The reveal of Prototype Omega finally came.  I was hoping readers would just assume that Omega was Meredith's counterpart, but there were enough hints about him along the way.  Teh biggest hint was that Keith built the BIKINI, not Meredith.  I also avoided pronouns when referring to Omega.  That is difficult; I didn't want to use the neuter pronoun, "it", to avoid drawing attention to the fact that I was hiding Omega's identity.  I wound up using descriptive passages for him.

Natasha's scene in the hotel room was fun to write.  First, it was a chance to explore her mindset.  She saw the hotel room, the luggage, and the box of condoms, and jumped to her her own conclusion.  I also showed a less devious side of her, a softer side.  Natasha isn't just out for sexual conquest, though she does enjoy the conquering.  Like Nasty, she is smitten by Eric.  It's how she responds to him that's key; and her downfall.

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