21 Oct 2015

Can*Con and Me

For those of you who will in the Ottawa area October 30 - November 1st, Can*Con, the Canadian literary science-fiction and fantasy convention, will be at the Sheraton Hotel, 150 Albert.  I will be there, not just as an attendee but also as a panelist.

Friday night at 8:00, I'm part of the "Science Fiction Readers" panel with four others, discussing works of science fiction.  That could get interesting, especially since most of my more recent reading has been urban fantasy or genre mash-ups.

At noon Saturday, a NaNoWriMo panel, "National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo): Strategies and Emergency Inspiration" with four others, including two of Ottawa's Municipal Liaisons.  The panel will have tips on how to get to the 50 000th word and other survival techniques.  No sanity required.

Not interested in panels?  The dealer's room is open to the public.  No membership needed.

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