29 Oct 2014

NaNo Prep 2014 - Clock's Ticking!

Not long before NaNoWriMo 2014 starts.  Where am I in preparation?  Can you say, "Ng-ng-ng-ng," boys and girls?

Alright, it's not that bad.  I've got a good handle on my main cast.  Caitlin is ready to become a Bond villain when she grows up.  Skye will rack up more penalty minutes than ice time in the NHL.  Autumn will be on the NSA's most wanted list, but that list will be only available as a paper copy.  Laura will have her own castle and minions as she sees which laws of science are just suggestions.  Knowing how the characters will react to a plot is half the battle.

The other half is plot.

I have descriptors for arcs, but I need a bit of details still.  The first arc, "Arrival", is lacking the one critical detail, how Caitlin will use Laura against Verity.  While I've been working on the idea that, normally, Caitlin would be the antagonist to Verity's pro-, Caitlin is the main character.  Caitlin just can't go after Verity for moustache-twiling reasons.  She needs a reason and a plan.  The motive shouldn't bee too petty; Caitlin wouldn't lower herself to a fit of jealousy over a boy.  The idea of a series of tit-for-tat pranks and strikes fits, but that goes back to the history between Caitlin and Verity, one neither has revealed.  They vex each other, possibly over some slight, but why?  They could have just taken a dislike to each other on sight.  Stereotypical, but it happens.  Caitlin is an ambitious redhead.  Verity is an attractive blonde with social and political ambition.  Eh, it works.

After the motive, there's the what.  What is Caitlin planning?  Laura won't have her uniform right away, so advancing a pawn disguised as a third party is a Caitlin thing to do.  There's also what Verity is up to.  Chess games within chess games.  Maybe I should go with the Clockwork Avenger idea...

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