12 Dec 2013

Lethal Ladies #18 - Commentary

As always, please read the chapter first.

This time around, we start on the highway.  Elena is now discovering why Sergei needed a few days notice.  The cars could run; they weren't in any condition to be abused.  Amber would have choice words over them, if she had to repair them.  The numbering system wound up getting awkward.  The original idea was to use non-sequential numbers, to aid in confusing Sexton and his people.  With four cars, people would expect the numbering to be One, Two, Three, Four.  However, so far, we've seen Three, Five, and Seven and four cars, with Rose not even in the chase.  This was planned.  While writing the scene, I had a .txt file open so I could refer to it and see who was in which car.  Rogue Five was always Amber; her geekiness would not allow her to use anything else.  Elena is Rogue Three, Allison is Seven.

While the confusion is happening, Rose is marching into Sexton's office.  I also just noticed that Sexton's secretary, Lund, went to get one person, Mr. Jacoby, but came back with another, Mark Darren.  I have no idea what I was thinking then.  Chalk it up to a continuity error brought about by a word sprint.  However, Darren is correct; the NSA's official realm is cryptography.  However, as recent* news shows, the NSA isn't limiting itself to just decrypting.  My choice to have Sexton be a rogue agent of the NSA came from the rivalry between the American intelligence agencies.  The CIA, FBI, NSA, and all the others are supposed to work together, but tend to trip over each other instead.

Rose has cut Sexton off from official help.  If Darren was involved in some way, he now has an out to throw Sexton under a bus.  If Darren wasn't, he can start an investigation to see what Sexton has done.  Detective Lepinski is also aware of what's going on.  While he's "only" municipal law enforcement, he can claim jurisdiction for the mayhem occurring.

Tomorrow, Sexton tries to regain the upper hand.
Saturday, at MuseHack, a look into the legal aspects of remakes and reboots.
Coming soon, a sample chapter of my NaNoWriMo story, year-end things, plus Traveller work.

* Agents got paid to play World of Warcraft among other games in the guise of spying on other players.

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