28 Aug 2013

A Subject 13 Special - Crossover, an Excerpt

A recent comment by Greg Taylor pointed out that if I keep mentioning that my writing has improved with the cast of Subject 13, then maybe I really should post an example.  I agree.  Thus, a snippet from Crossover, a NaNoWriMo project that involved Nasty and two other heroes from the S13-verse.  Again, Nasty has a foul mouth, so reader discretion advised.  The snippet starts after the cut.

The sound of a panicked crowd came from ahead, followed by the crash of metal against metal. Beyond that, Nasty couldn't make out individual voices. She crept up the street, hugging as close to the buildings as possible. An alleyway opening offered a place to hide; Nasty took advantage and ducked into it. The commotion grew closer. Nasty retreated further into the shadows of the alley. A small mob ran past, fleeing something behind them. A purple beam gouged chunks of asphalt out of the road.

'Well, fuck me. Figures it'd be someone who can fight at a distance.' Nasty crouched like a cat ready to pounce.

Something made her look behind her. She spied a blue and pink blur zipping through the alley toward her and the entrance. 'Great. Fairy Girl is here.' Nasty reached up with one hand and snagged the lilliputian girl around the waist. Bringing Pixie to her face, Nasty snarled, "What are you doing?"

"Helping?" Pixie answered. "Like you asked me to?"

Nasty let the girl go. "Wait."

"Why? There's two of them, two of us. We can take them."

"There might be more. I don't like an unfair fight when it's unfair to me. And how do you know there are two?"

"I flew over before I came down the alley. I didn't want to run into a dozen villains all by myself. Duh."

Nasty counted to five in Italian under her breath. "You're sure there are only two?"

"I saw two of them. I counted two of them. I even recounted; still two of them."

"Peregrine, who are you talking to?" Micki demanded over the radio.

"Hang on!" Nasty looked over at Pixie, her wings beating to keep her at eye level. "Wait. Okay, Foundation? I have help here. Pixie."


"From New York," Nasty explained. "The Youth Brigade."

"Damn it! Is it just her?"

"Yes." Nasty huffed. "Kinda busy here, have to go."

Pixie cocked her head to the side. Her blond hair cascaded over her shoulder. "Don't you hate it when people can't figure out when it's a bad time to talk."

Nasty glared at the diminutive figure. "Just get ready. On the count of three. One. Two." Before she could say, "Three," a silver streak crossed the skies overhead. "Oh, what the fuck now? Foundation, we have a problem."

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