14 Feb 2013

Subject 13 #6 - Commentary

As always, better read the issue before continuing.
Issue 6 wraps up the night of interviews.  The issues are short in part because this is an early writing attempt by me (summer 2000), and in part because I was at work for most of the writing and had to do this between calls (and sometimes during; still solved the caller's problem).  Nasty stormed home despite her mother using her full first and middle names.  Then, Nasty ran away from home.  Sort of.
Along comes a info mini-dump.  Basically, what Nasty knows, what she can't figure out, what happened to her shoulder (I bet people were wondering if I forgot about that).  Nasty's going through a cultural shift; her old school was up to deal with students who pushed the boundaries.  Seward goes for counselling instead; private school, wouldn't really want to lose a source of income; at the same time, the school has students there who want to learn.  Maria might be on to something.
Rennie's family is slightly complicated.  Her parents are divorced and have been for a while.  Both have new spouses, though Rennie isn't all that impressed, especially with Paula.  Rennie and Nasty understand each other, though.  Nasty's best friend her age.
And, at the end, Maria returns home finally.  And, to show how upset she is with her daughter, she unleashes the full name.  No one persists in their behaviour after their mother uses first, middle, and last name.  So, the lack of response is odd, to say the least.  And, well, Nasty picked up her language skills from someone.
Friday, look for Issue #7.  Over at Fan To Pro, I'll have Lost in Translation 52 up Saturday morning, continuing the Avengers Adaptation series.

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